Seal Coating San Antonio TX Services


Why Seal Coating is Important?

Sealcoating can protect against weather elements, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. In addition to protecting your pavement or parking lot, it can improve the overall look while also adding an extra layer of protection to prevent future repairs. Asphalt paving can cost a lot of money upfront, having a good maintenance program in place will ultimately save you money on your property in the long run.


Sealcoating in San Antonio & Why You Need It


San Antonio TX weather can get pretty hot, the U.V. rays from the sun along with the constant heat can really take a toll on your asphalt paving. Sealcoating is no different than putting a sealant on a deck or treating wood before long term use. Our contractor services at ASC Paving are top notch, we cater to commercial businesses with pavements, parking lots, and we also provide parking lot striping.


How Often To Sealcoat?

We recommend seal coating every three to five years. An asphalt driveway or road that is heavily driven on day in and day out could be every three years. Sealcoating is basically part of an asphalt maintenance plan, the more maintenance you do the less you will spend in repairs in the future.

Signs You Need a Paving Professional

When Is it Time To Seal Coat Again?

Deterioration is the first sign you probably need to think about maintenance. Parking lots can turn greyish over time, that is a good time to contact an asphalt professional. Your striping can look dull also, applying sealcoating to it can make the lines in your striping sharper which improves better parking for your customers. Contact our office today to have a free asphalt inspection performed at your commercial property. We cover all of San Antonio TX and the surrounding areas.