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Concrete Flatwork


Concrete Flatwork & Driveway San Antonio

Concrete is one of the most popular and durable choices when it comes to paving in the United States, and that includes in the Lone Star State of Texas.

Using concrete for your paving job has many benefits, but you want to ensure you’re working with a concrete driveway San Antonio company that uses the best materials and has years of experience in the industry. At ASC Paving of San Antonio, we’ve been completing these types of jobs in southern Texas for a long time and have a reputation as one of the best and most experienced paving companies in the area.

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Is Concrete Right For San Antonio?

The concrete we use is durable enough to last you for several years and will certainly give you the kind of finished project that you’re looking for.

So whether it’s for a parking lot, a sidewalk, a handicapped accessible ramp, a private road or whatever other project you have in mind, give ASC Paving a call today and we’ll show you first hand the kind of quality workmanship and attention to detail that has made us one of the top concrete driveway San Antonio paving companies in South Texas.

Concrete is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a premium surface, particularly in areas with high vehicle and/or foot traffic. It generally requires only a small amount of maintenance, making it a popular choice for business owners throughout Texas.

San Antonio Concrete Flatwork & Driveways

How Much is Concrete Work?

To be perfectly honest, the cost of concrete flatwork is higher than other paving materials, but it does have its benefits. So you’ll want to consider all factors before deciding on how you want to proceed with your paving project.

Concrete flatwork will generally last longer and not need to be replaced as soon as other materials and is also more resilient to rain damage and other environmental factors.

But installation and any needed repairs down the road will cost more than an asphalt surface, so these are all things to consider. Be sure to contact our concrete driveway San Antonio team to give you more details.

However, if you definitely need a surface that’s perfectly flat and even, concrete flatwork is the way to go.

What Types of Projects Require Concrete Flatwork?

Dumpster Pads
As they will generally need to support a good deal of weight, dumpster pads are installed using a strong rebar and aggregate substrate so they can hold up over time. We do these types of jobs regularly and can ensure that you’ll get a dumpster pad that is strong enough to hold up for a number of years.

Handicap Ramps
Again using ADA guidelines, we can install ramps that will allow your business to be accessed by individuals dealing with handicaps or disabilities.

Driveways are made to withstand the weight of automobiles and are often made with concrete, as it’s reasonably cost-effective and can be sealed with various materials to give homeowners or business owners the appearance they’re looking for.

If you’re building a patio, either for your business, concrete is a great choice of materials when doing so. They can be reinforced with either rebar or aggregate and can help keep your costs lower than with other popular types of patio surfaces.

Using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, we can install any size sidewalk in the San Antonio area. Examples include sidewalks for shopping centers, professional buildings, business parks and even on private streets.

Concrete Flatworks Project
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