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It’s inevitable that, over time, every asphalt repair job is going to need to be repaired in one way or another. Nothing lasts forever, this is just a fact of life. Asphalt paving if done right can last years and years if maintained correctly.

We use only the best materials at ASC Paving of San Antonio, in terms of durability, strength and cost-effectiveness. But with time and exposure, even the best asphalt will begin to crack and decay. As a San Antonio TX paving contractor, we have first hand experience with parking lots, residential, and other commercial areas.

As with repairs to your home, the best time to handle these types of issues is as soon as they become noticeable. The longer the delay, the worse the problem will become and the more costly the repair is going to be.

The most common types of asphalt repairs can generally be handled rather inexpensively, if they aren’t allowed to fester and become bigger problems than they should be. Routine maintenance and services along with inspections should be done annually.


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Typical Types of Asphalt Repairs

Repair issues we see the most include cracks in the asphalt, asphalt discoloration and potholes, the last one being the problem that can cause you and your customers the most headaches. To protect your business from liability issues, asphalt repairs should really be handled immediately. Striping will need to be redone also once repairs have been made to the asphalt.

The last thing you need is someone stepping in a crack and breaking an ankle or running over a pothole in your parking lot and causing serious damage to their automobile.

Then your company could be looking at a major financial settlement, in addition to the costs of repairing the asphalt itself. Protect yourself today and handle asphalt repairs when they’re small inconveniences rather than major headaches.

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Our Asphalt Repair San Antonio Process




Quality Assurance

Our San Antonio team will begin any new project by sitting down with the client and working out a schedule and plan for finishing your job as quickly as possible and for the most reasonable price in south Texas.

During our initial meeting, we’ll also listen to any special requests and incorporate those into the final paperwork for the job. This can include physical elements of the project itself, personal scheduling requests or any of a number of other issues.

We know and appreciate that this type of project can cause disruptions with your life and your business, so we’ll let you know up front how long our services are going to take. 

And our asphalt repair San Antonio TX team will do our very best to stick to that schedule, though weather conditions can pose problems from time to time.

Our team of contractors will work with you on every step of the project to ensure you’re getting the very best we can offer, as well as fantastic customer service and experience.

Repairing asphalt can take a little bit of time than say concrete, however we have repaired so many miles of asphalt our Project Managers and crew are professionals and aim at completing all projects ahead of schedule. 

Quality Assurance inspectors typically inspect the sites asphalt repairs a couple of times. We have a physical checklist our Project Managers and inspectors use to ensure your repairs are to standard before we leave you completely satisfied. 

A good portion of our business is obtained via word of mouth, and our asphalt repair San Antonio TX team will take a great deal of pride in creating happy clients who later tell their friends what a great job we did for them.

How To Avoid Asphalt Repairs


A properly installed asphalt parking lot, driveway or private road should last for many years, but eventually issues are going to crop up and need your attention. Asphalt paving typically needs little maintenance upfront, and can last several years.

But like anything else in life, the better you take care of your asphalt, the longer you should be able to go without any major repairs.

There are exceptions, of course, including unusually harsh weather, unforeseen circumstances like a major accident and others, but expert care will generally equal a longer time between repairs.

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A major component of your preventative maintenance schedule is to take good care of the sealcoating that protects and revitalizes the asphalt paving surface.

You should apply the first coat once the asphalt is fully cured and then apply fresh sealant periodically, depending on when your contractor or maintenance person feels it’s necessary.

One effective way to tell if your asphalt pavement needs some fresh seal coating is if its turned a grayish color.

Seal coating will give your pavement a fresh, clean, black surface and will protect it against heavy rain moving forward, as well as from things like extreme sun, automotive fluids and more.

Tips on Preventing Asphalt Repairs

Ensuring that the water drains off the pavement quickly and efficiently.

If water is left on a pavement’s surface, it will eventually filter down into the foundation and cause damage. So be sure that you have a pathway for water to quickly drain to nearby grates or basins.

Keeping the asphalt clean and well maintained annually.

Promptly remove any trash, tree limbs, rocks, gravel and anything else that could be collecting on the asphalt and causing issues. Debris can trap moisture and affect the integrity of the asphalt as it decomposes, as well as having an abrasive effect on the sealcoating.

Cleaning up vehicle fluids and any hazardous waste on the asphalt.

Most car fluids are petroleum based and they can and will affect the integrity of your asphalt. They can cause the pavement to become softer than it should be, making it more vulnerable to damage.